Mark Cohen - Expedition Leader
A climber and spelunker with an international rep, Mark is the chief strategist behind the ascent of the Dover cliffs and Kowloon slabs. With more than 25 years of experience above the treeline, he leads the entire Caribiner expedition effort. Fearless on a rock face, Mark's the guy you want fixing the rope when the expedition's on the line.

Tony Bartolotta - Expedition Leader
Nobody does boulders like Tony B. A powerful guy with more than 20 years on the slopes, Tony heads up the midwest expedition team. Whether you're scrambling across an ice field or hunkered down in a blizzard, you'll be glad to know that Tony's team is out ahead of you scouting the trail.

Jeff Siegel - Team Leader
Always a flashy dresser, Jeff has spent the last 18 years perfecting his own line of climbing gear that not only looks great, it's proven tough in the back country. When it comes to taking the summit, you can count on Jeff to find the most creative route and get you there safe and sound.

Mark Fitzgerald - Team Leader
A seasoned pro, Mark has recently been named team leader for the Motorola ascent team. He has more than 16 years and 200 slab climbs to his credit. When he's not in the climbing gym, you can find Mark swapping stories with buddies Rick Hunt and Ken Haller at the Donkey Inn.