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Hi, welcome to the Lighthouse Productions' home page.

I'm Chip, today's official Lighthouse greeter.

Name: Warren F. Moore II

A.K.A.: Chip

Family info: Married for 8 years, 4 kids (ok we've been busy). All kids names start with "T" - we did not start out planning this but it happened for the first two, and we just could not break the chain... Taryn, Tre, Timothy, Tessa.

Best vacation: A toss up... dirt biking summers in Aspen CO., or scuba diving in Cancun.

A great night out: A date with my wife, a great dinner and a great movie, then out for ice cream.

Recommended reading: Two books by Larry Burkett: Illuminati and The Thor Conspiracy - techno thrillers cast 20-30 years in the future with a basis in believable world events.

All-time favorite movie: The first "Star Wars" (although I watch it now and it pales to today's special effects). At the time it made me want to drop everything and head for the same film school George Lucas went to.

Most daring/stupid achievement: Probably one of the many stunts we used to pull snowmobiling in my younger days (like driving off a 40 foot cliff).

Philosophy of life: Keep priorities straight. In my experience, God, family, work seems to be the right formula when I can stick to it.

Few people would guess... I love sports with speed (i.e. snowmobile, motorcyles, jet skis, etc) -- I seem pretty calm usually.

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