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Hi, welcome to the Lighthouse Productions' home page.

I'm Frank, today's official Lighthouse greeter.

Name: Frank Haney

A.K.A.: Heinous.

Family info: Married to Elaine for 13 years, wonderful 6 year old daughter, Laura, and two cats in the yard named Amber and Buster.

Best vacation: Scuba diving off of Maui with sea turtles swimming by. For a normal jamoke like me this was pretty intense.

A great night out: Going to the theatre or a club and watching something that's so wierd that it takes me a week to figure out why I liked it.

Recommended reading: I still like On the Road by Jack Kerouac. People who decide to experience life by their own rules. A very daring concept for the 1950's or even today.

All-time favorite movie: There are too many good ones that have been made and too many genres to choose from. I tend to like smaller personal films like "Breaking Away", "Fandago", and "Broadway Danny Rose." How do you decide between films like "The Godfather", "2001", "Days of Heaven", and "Citizen Kane"?

Most daring/stupid achievement: I guess a strange highlight would be having my college rockband playing on a local television talkshow out of Indianapolis. We had our fifteen seconds of fame in Indiana.

Philosophy of life: There's a lot to experience in life and you shouldn't hold yurself back from at least trying. I look at the big picture and try not to get hung up on the small things.

Few people would guess... I'm a CEO for a major Fortune 500 company...maybe next lifetime.

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