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Hi, welcome to the Lighthouse Productions' home page.

I'm Jim, today's official Lighthouse greeter.

Name: Jim Cudney

A.K.A.: JC, zendaba, dude man, duck man, Cudster, etc.

Family info: My wife Christine and I live with our 2 1/2 year old daughter Alexandra in Wheaton, Illinois, a quiet suburb of Chicago.

Best vacation: A week in Negril, Jamaica (3 times) staying with my good friend Leri Ennis and his family by the Lighthouse.

A great night out: A good live concert in a small club followed by Rave dancing. Otherwise net-surfing will suffice.

Recommended reading: The Denial of Death, WIRED Magazine.

All-time favorite movie: "Bladerunner."

Current favorite musical groups: Toad the Wet Sprockett, The Samples.

Most daring/stupid achievement: Bunge jumping.

Philosophy of life: Life goes way beyond the physical realm (even if we don't understand it all) and living in the "now" is my ultimate goal

Few people would guess... I was born in Afghanistan and grew up there, and in Iran, Thailand, Laos, Alaska, and Maryland (where the heck is Maryland!?)

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