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Hi, welcome to the Lighthouse Productions' home page.

I'm Mark, today's official Lighthouse greeter.

Name: Mark Fitzgerald

A.K.A.: Fitz

Family info: Happily married to Mary, my wife of 13 years, with three children; John (Big Bad John), Stephanie (the first female President of the US), and Vivian (the second female President).

Best vacation: Myrtle Beach for a golf vacation.

A great night out: Anything connected with Italian food.

Recommended reading: Cornelius Ryan's The Longest Day

All-time favorite movies: "Hoosiers" and "The Longest Yard" (Yes, I like sports.)

Most daring/stupid achievement: Answering this survey.

Philosophy of life: Worry about the things you can control. Leave the rest to a higher authority.

Few people would guess... I am generally pretty shy.

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