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Hi, welcome to the Lighthouse Productions' home page.

I'm Mary Sue, today's official Lighthouse greeter.

Name: Mary Sue Fahey

A.K.A.: MSue

Family info: Married 4 years to Bob and have a son, Patrick, 6 months old.

Best vacation: Its so hard to pick because they all seem so great. One of my favorites would have to be Boston. It's such a great city, love all the history.

A great night out: Dinner and a play in Chicago topping the evening with a stop at Pops for Champagne.

Recommended reading: Lately it's been Goodnight Moon.

All-time favorite movie: "The Player."

Most daring/stupid achievement: Driving at age 2. My Dad thought he left me safely in the back seat of a running car as he ran back in the house to help my Mom, only to find the car missing on his return. I carefully drove the car several blocks with the Mississippi on one side and parked cars on the other. I did however, manage to hit a building that caught me off guard. I've been a good driver ever since.

Philosophy of life: A positive attitude and always having something good (no matter how small) to look forward to.

Few people would guess... I've been sky diving.

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