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Hi, welcome to the Lighthouse Productions' home page.

I'm Tony, today's official Lighthouse greeter.

Name: Tony Allen

A.K.A.: The Bookie

Family info: Married to Kelli going on 3 years; no kids yet but looking into getting a dog.

Best vacation: 7-day honeymoon to "Mickey's House" a.k.a.: Disney World

A great night out: A picnic at the Ravinia Music Festival (Good Food, Good Friends, Good Music, Good Naps)

Recommended reading: A Catskill Eagle by Robert B. Parker

All-time favorite movie: "Fletch"

Most daring achievement (in progress): To play as many different golf courses in the Chicagoland area as is humanly possible (or as allowed by my wife!)

Philosophy of life: Only play sports on days ending in "Y"

Few people would guess...that I enjoy musicals.

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