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Check out some of the crew that attended the March 19, 2005 AV Reunion party at CVP by clicking the photo above

-> Take a trip (and I mean trip)through the pages of the 1995 Lighthouse Web site now archived here for posterity. We're working on getting the "guides" rotation working. Meanwhile you can link ->here<- to access the individual files. (will launch new browser windows - close the new window to return here.)

-> For another nostalgia trip see the Caribiner tent meeting site. - A partial look at a Caribiner client chum event. (will launch a new browser window - close the new window to return here.)

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-> The staging department's "Wall-o-Fame" I and "Wall-o-Fame II" here thanks to DB & SM. Send pictures to add to the Wall!

-> Partys Past - some of the more classic party shots from past LP gatherings.
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gang of five
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Life Goes On - 9/99
From the Saturday October 2, 1999 - LP Party at Boons
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